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An inventive menu

Between tradition and modernity, Chef Jacky Botrel’s imagination will surely surprise you.

Crafting his plates with passion, his cuisine is full of color and flavor. Classics are sublimated by original pairings, allowing his creativity and passion to express themselves.

The Chef carefully selects exceptional products, and the surprise is guaranteed... A premium selection featuring fresh, wild Atlantic whole fish and seafood platters. Embark on a true gourmet and oceanic escapade while savoring the Chef’s Risotto with Gambas, the Balik “Tsar Nikolaj” salmon, or the unmissable Black Cod.

A legendary wine cellar

When the art of fine food and wine pairing comes to your table...

Nestled in the heart of the establishment, Le Tremplin’s cellar houses oenological treasures, with legendary aromas and stories. The finest references are preserved here, and precious bottles contain the essences of the finest vineyards in France and beyond.

Le Tremplin’s master sommeliers will introduce you to their prestigious selection featuring Romanée-Conti, Château Pétrus...

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Sushi, Sashimi, Shan-shen, California roll, Maki

An authentic ballet unfolds before your eyes, savor our unique creations with Lobster or caviar and discover the Sukiyaki soup with shrimp or chicken.

Prestigious meats

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the meticulous selection of our meats.

The Tremplin’s restaurant invites you to enjoy an exceptional gastronomic experience with its selection of prestigious meats.

Immerse yourself in the refined world of Wagyu, renowned for its tenderness and unique marbling, delivering an explosion of flavors in the mouth. Discover the perfection of the US Prime, a meat carefully chosen for its superior quality and exquisite taste. Bresse chicken, the jewel of French gastronomy, seduces with its delicate flesh and subtle aroma. Rib steaks, cut with precision, promise an unforgettable taste experience.

Oysters, shellfishes, crustacea

Surrender your taste buds to the delicacy of shellfish straight from the fish tank as you sample our seafood platters and our fine selection of oysters prepared before your very eyes by our master oyster-cutter.

Let yourself be seduced by the flavors of the sea with our fine selection of oysters : “Gillardeau special”, Fines de Claire de Marennes-Oléron or Plates de Belon.

From the fish tank to the plate, our Chef prepares Royal Lobster from Brittany and Blue Lobster from the North Sea.

High-flying desserts

Indulge in sweetness with the creations of our Pastry Chef, an invitation to discover Le Tremplin’s signature desserts.

A festive bar

Discover the elegance and conviviality of Le Tremplin’s bar/brasserie, featuring an exceptional variety of cocktails, aperitifs, and premium spirits. From sparkling champagnes to complex whiskies, our refined selection invites you to explore the art of mixology in a warm, chic setting.

Join us for a unique sensory experience, perfect for relaxing with friends or memorable evenings out, hosted by our resident DJs and guest artists every day from 4pm.